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How to do if the inkjet printer's head block

Publish Date 2017-11-02
The temperature effect on machine ink:

In winter, when the temperature is lower, the most common phenomenon is the nozzle "false blocking", that is, individual nozzle "broken line"".

Because the same ink, the temperature decreases, viscosity will become larger, viscosity is too large, in high-speed printing time prone to "broken line", a lot of photo machine users will think that the nozzle is blocked.

But once washed, immediately normal, not long, and will repeat, and customers will think that the quality of ink.

The second is the absorption and drying of ink, the temperature is too low, it is not conducive to inkjet medium coating for the absorption of ink, but also is not conducive to solvent evaporation of ink, resulting in "piling ink" phenomenon.

Please do the indoor temperature controlled at above 20 degree, so as not to affect the quality of the printer.

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